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Faces of ESLR: Jingyu Xi

I study animals as agents. My work uses a combination of computational modeling and behavioral experiments to understand the emergence of collective intelligence (…or stupidity) in diverse network topologies. Animals make decisions based on information foraged from both individual learning […]

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Faces of ESLR: Simon Carrignon

My interest in Cultural Evolution began when in 2011, we luckily got money for a “Junior Lab” and decided to explore musical changes using evolution. If this started by playing with chains of transmission of badly whistled musical phrases, we […]

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Faces of ESLR: Stuart Watson

I’ve been fascinated by animal minds since I was very young – it absolutely baked my noodle that something as small as a bee or ant could have such seemingly complex lives! For some reason though, it took me until […]

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Faces of ESLR: Lukas von Flüe

I’ve long been captivated by the emergence of large-scale human cooperation, especially considering the vast diversity in human culture. It’s fascinating how the interplay of both intentional and unintentional processes can give rise to a myriad of complex social norms. […]


Faces of ESLR: Sunil Khatiwada

I grew up in the Kathmandu valley where I have spent most schooling. I obtained a Master’s in Zoology from Tribhuvan University and moved to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I received another Master’s in Biology. […]

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Faces of ESLR: Vix Franks

When I was on summer holiday at around 6 years old, I sent a postcard to my grandparents. Instead of the normal tales of daily antics, it read “the rainbow chicken is a member of the chicken family”, accompanied with […]

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Faces of ESLR: Juliette Tariel

I don’t really know why but I am fascinated by fishes, especially coral reef fishes, marine animals, and animal behaviour. As my educational background is evolutionary biology, my dream job would be to find evolutionary explanations for the diversity of […]

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Faces of ESLR: Andrea Gradassi

I am a PhD student in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. I have always been interested in what makes human groups work (or not). Why do we at times cooperate and others are at war? Are the historical circumstances […]

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Faces of ESLR: Robin Schimmelpfennig

Hi, I am Robin. I am a PhD student at the University of Lausanne with Charles Efferson. In my research, I try to better understand the possible application of cultural evolution in public policy and organization. So how did I […]