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Faces of ESLR: Taylor Hersh

I have been captivated by animals for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I desperately wished I could talk with them, and was obsessed with movies (Dr. Doolittle, Tarzan), shows (The Wild Thornberrys, Scooby-Doo), and books (The Chronicles […]

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Cultural Shock

Working in a second language is already a huge challenge – but how do you navigate the apparently obscure cultural references your new colleagues are making?

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Faces of ESLR: Elena Zwirner

As a child, I was often teased by my brother for my attempts at scientific theorizing. I particularly remember one time when I was looking at ants tandem-running and I said to myself “they’re probably on their way to school” […]

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Faces of ESLR: Willem E. Church

I am an interdisciplinary researcher working at the intersections of social and evolutionary anthropology. My research focuses, broadly, on intra and inter-group cooperation and conflict, particularly when such interactions occur across nominal group boundaries or result in new groups. I […]

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Faces of ESLR: Ana da Silva Pinho

My background is in education, human development, and developmental psychopathology (University of Porto and Amsterdam). I am currently a PhD candidate in the Connected Minds Lab and at the developmental psychology department, University of Amsterdam (UvA). My PhD research broadly […]

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Faces of ESLR: Sven Kasser

Sven is an interdisciplinary social scientist currently enrolled in the MSc in Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford. Before coming to Oxford, he graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Psychology & Economics. His […]

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Faces of ESLR: Zoe Goldsborough

I am a behavioral ecologist interested in a wide range of topics related to animal behavior and cognition, including culture, communication, and individual differences. I believe animal welfare is central to any study of animal behavior, and my research aims […]

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Faces of ELSR: Jennifer Morinay

I have always been fascinated by behavioural ecology. Yet, social learning became my main research interest only in PhD, when I started studying the use of heterospecific social information for breeding site selection in passerines. Since then, decision-making, social learning […]

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Faces of ELSR: Luca Hahn

Humans have always been interested in the behaviour of conspecifics and other animals, but we now live in a time where we study behaviour and cognition as meticulously and systematically as never before. As an inquisitive animal watcher and passionate […]