The road to an ERC Starting Grant in Primatology

Alba Motes Rodrigo interviewed Dr. Catherine Hobaiter for Cultured Scene about the process of applying for an ERC grant to fund her work on chimpanzees.  ERC Starting Grants are oriented towards early-career researchers based in the EU who want to […]

How Research Works

Work-Life Balance

Our resident Agony Aunt offers guidance on the key questions bothering early-career researchers, with additional advice crowd-sourced from Twitter. In this edition: Work-life (or, life-work) balance!


Conference Haiku

Kate Cross uses haikus to distil the essence of a talk and then tweets them into the world for everyone to enjoy. We ask her about this creative form of science communication. Cultured Scene: The haikus are a creative way […]



With this issue, we come to the end of an exciting year for our young Society. I am proud of our Society’s activities and specifically of our journal and all its contributors. We have again a series of very exciting […]

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14th Conference of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, Toulouse, France This conference brings together international researchers from the fields of human behavioural ecology, evolutionary anthropology, human genetics, cultural evolution, evolutionary psychology and paleoanthropology. The event will take place […]

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What’s New?

Society News Our Successes in 2018 As 2018 is coming to an end, we look back to a fantastic year for ESLR. We could not be happier with what we achieved. Earlier this year our website received a new design and content. We successfully […]


The Baldwin Effect, Genetic Assimilation and Social Learning

In 1896, the idea that learning can influence the evolutionary process was proposed by both Baldwin [1] (published in Nature Magazine) and Lloyd-Morgan [2] (published in Science Magazine), this was later named “The Baldwin Effect” by George Simpson in 1953 […]

Interviews Pitch to Publication

The Spread of Amphorae Design

Simon Carrignon and María Coto spoke to Cultured Scene about their new research examining the spread of amphora production techniques in 1st-3rd century Spain. Cultured Scene: Your project used modelling to examine the potential social learning mechanisms at work in […]

Conference Reports Events, Places and People

Workshop Travelling

BY MARCO SMOLLA Sometimes a scientific conference gives us theopportunity to travel to countries and areas we have never been to before. What a great privilege it is if you can stay a couple of extra days. After this year’s […]