Faces of ESLR: Sunil Khatiwada

I grew up in the Kathmandu valley where I have spent most schooling. I obtained a Master’s in Zoology from Tribhuvan University and moved to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I received another Master’s in Biology.

I can always see myself being associated with the study of animal behavior. As I pursued my higher education, I became more captivated by the natural world and the animals with whom we share our resources. I wanted to know what makes other animals so different. The more I invested my time learning, I became more attracted to the field of animal behavior. The ways animals gain information and utilize it for its benefits have grappled my imagination.

My interest is broad. I have studied non-human primates (Rhesus macaques). The work aimed to understand how urban dwelling rhesus macaques interacted with humans in religious sites. At some point, I was following troops of rhesus and Assamese macaques in the hills of Nepal for a year to understand how groups of two species were sharing the resources. Fascinated by the way animals perceive and process different information, I was fortunate to study the cognitive processes in the Poison frog. Currently, I am studying how animals’ exposure to social relationships impacts fitness and behavioural expression at the Polish Academy of Sciences as a PhD student. Always looking to meet new people and collaborate to develop new ideas. Contact me via Twitter (@eaglekhatiwada) or email (sunilkhatiwada@gmail.com). I will post about my ongoing works here (SUNIL KHATIWADA (google.com))

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Sunil Khatiwada