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Communicating in Colors

Cultured Scene interviewed Thomas Müller about his recently launched phone app. CS: How does the Color Game app work – how do users play the Color Game, and what is the ‘aim of the game’ from the user’s point of […]

How Research Works

How to Master Publishing

Our resident Agony Aunt offers guidance on the key questions bothering early-career researchers, with additional advice crowd-sourced from Twitter. In this edition: Publishing!

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Barcodes for Birds

Cultured Scene spoke to Damien Farine about his recent paper on “An automated barcode tracking system for behavioural studies in birds”.  CS: In your paper, you describe a new method for tracking individual birds using barcodes on backpacks. Could you […]


Four Reasons to Serve the Hive

“We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” (The Borg, Star Trek TNG) The Hive wants YOU! Give up your pathetic notions of […]

Pitch to Publication Reviews

Rituals to Remember?

The following is description of a manuscript in the final stages of drafting prior to submission. Rohan invites you to read the following, and consider attending to the preprint in order to help improve the research with constructive feedback. [Editor’s […]

Pitch to Publication

Moving Forwards by Tweaks and Bounds

Elena spoke to Cultured Scene about the first paper from her PhD, which is currently under review. [Editor’s note: The paper discussed in this interview has since been published in Nature Communications and can be read here] The paper Cultured […]