Author: Samin Gokcekus

Samin is a PhD student at the University of Oxford, studying the maintenance and spread of cooperation in social networks of wild birds. She is generally interested in the social and cognitive characteristics of animals and has a background in philosophy and psychology. Currently, she is working with the long-term study system of passerines at Wytham Woods. She aims to clearly and concisely bring together our understanding of various social phenomena (cooperation, individual recognition, social structure, inequity aversion) and their physical underpinnings in an ecologically relevant context while also gaining new insights into the biological processes that allow for dyadic behaviour and cooperation.
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Faces of ELSR: Samin Gokcekus

I actually find it difficult to write pieces like this one because my interests are very broad. I believe that any topic can be interesting if you take the time to understand it, and I hope to spend the rest of my research career bringing together my knowledge and experiences from different fields to find […]

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