Author: Jonathan St Onge

A former philosopher of science and cognitive scientist, Jonathan St-Onge now pursues a PhD in computational social science at the Center Marc Bloch in Berlin. As a cultural evolutionist, he aims to better understand so-called echo chambers, and more broadly fragmentation in online digital communities, through the lens of cultural evolution theory. He is especially interested in taking what we know from cultural evolution theory and use it to understand new phenomena unique to the digital age. He uses a mix of network theory, probabilistic programming, and natural language processing to get that done.
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Faces of ESLR: Jonathan St-Onge

I just started a PhD in computational social science at the Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin. My research focuses on so-called echo chambers, but I am also interested in fragmentation of online public spaces more generally. The idea of echo chambers is kind of intuitive, at first. They are metaphorical chambers on the internet that […]

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