Author: Edith Invernizzi

Edith Invernizzi is finishing her PhD at the University of St Andrews (Scotland), where she researches the evolution of collective behaviour. She is using eusocial insects as a model to study how complex systems (e.g. self-organised collective behaviour, information networks) evolve and adapt. At the moment, her research focuses on the expected network structure when the communication network is optimised for certain tasks, and how the number and characteristics of the individuals involved changes depending on the characteristics of the group. Her methods combine simulation modelling with the statistical analysis of observational data. She has a Masters of Philosophy in human behavioural ecology and has a multidisciplinary undergraduate background in biology and languages. She aims at applying complex systems to human behaviour in her postdoctoral research and is currently looking for opportunities. She is the ESLR vice-chair and works on developing ECR resources and networking platforms through the society’s website.
How Research Works

The Publishing Black Box: What happens after you click Submit?

Every one of us researchers has, as some point in their career, to go through the process of submitting a paper and all those who have submitted – and even those who as yet have not – know some detail of what happens behind the curtains. But who really knows the whole process? Here we try to get into the details of what happens from submission to the final response.

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Infinite Things to Learn

Edith Invernizzi provides an overview of Fogarty, Wakano, Feldman & Aoki, 2016, “The Driving Forces of Cultural Complexity”.

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