Author: Dominik Deffner

Dominik is the ESLR society’s very own Social Secretary. He is otherwise occupied as a doctoral candidate at the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, researching all things social learning. He is a unique hybrid of theorist and experimentalist. In addition to PhDing, Dominik harbours a not-so-secret passion for Latin, philosophy, and the socio-political histories of science.
How Research Works

Why experiments are stupid but we need more of them

Most of us are excited about social learning in the real world. How do the dolphins of Shark Bay learn to fish with sponges, do chimpanzee mothers teach their young how to crack open nuts, can starting moves in the board game Go or formations in football really be said to “evolve” – and what […]

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Conference Reports
Events, Places and People

Machine learning culture and the value of old souls

Technology evolves. While most periods of human (pre-)history were characterised by remarkable technological stasis, with both the Oldowan and Acheulian stone tool technologies spanning over a million years, recent decades have witnessed an explosion in technological innovations and ever-accelerating rates of techno-logical change. Science itself is both a driver and consequence of technology. Current innovations […]

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