Year: 2019

Pitch to Publication

Digging for Victory

Alba Motes Rodrigo discusses her recent publication with Cultured Scene.

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Conference Reports
Events, Places and People

ESLR Workshop 2019

ESLR met in Leipzig this summer for its annual workshop – Alba Motes Rodrigo talks us through it.

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Pitch to Publication

Family Ties

Kinbank – a new database for kinship terms from around the world The words we use to describe are family are such a visceral part of life that the thought that it might be organised differently is rarely considered. For example, if you’re reading this you speak English and are likely to live in a […]

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How Research Works

The Publishing Black Box: What happens after you click Submit?

Every one of us researchers has, as some point in their career, to go through the process of submitting a paper and all those who have submitted – and even those who as yet have not – know some detail of what happens behind the curtains. But who really knows the whole process? Here we try to get into the details of what happens from submission to the final response.

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